‘You risk getting lamped’ The Chase’s Jenny Ryan aims jibe at Jeremy Clarkson after blow

The Chase: Contestant takes low offer to face Jenny Ryan

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The Chase star Jenny Ryan, 39, has landed a cheeky jibe at the Clarkson’s Farm star days after he said he had “never heard” of her colleague Anne Hegerty. Appearing on hers and Lucy Porter’s podcast about quizzing, Fingers on Buzzers, the duo spoke to Poppy Hillstead about which quiz master they would most like to live with – with game show host Jeremy appearing towards the bottom of the list.

Plus you’d risk getting lamped for not having food in the fridge

Jenny Ryan

Jenny’s co-star Lucy asked: “If you had to share a flat or living space with any quiz show host…” she trailed off.

“I mean I think [Chris] Tarrant would be a laugh, but I think he would smoke cigars and not -” she started before Jenny cut in.

“I think so, I was just going to say cigars would be everywhere,” she quipped.

Poppy chimed in: “Yeah, he’d fill up ashtrays and just leave the toilet not flushed, that’s what I imagine him doing.”

“He definitely has someone who flushes his toilet for him as he’s made so much money,” joked Jenny as the other two laughed.

Lucy went on: “I mean I would go so far to say that I would rather share a flat with [Jeremy] Clarkson than Tarrant.

“Would you?” asked a shocked Jenny, before continuing: “Oh good lord, what’s wrong with you?”

“I don’t know if I would, Clarkson – would he be clean? That’s what I’m thinking,” pondered Poppy.

Jenny jumped in: “I think it’s going to be similar to the Tarrant situation.

“Plus you’d risk getting lamped for not having food in the fridge,” she joked, as the other two burst into laughter.

“Do you know, that is a good point,” agreed Lucy.

The trio went on to say that former children’s presenter Stephen Mulhern would be a “scrupulous” flatmate as he would be perfectly clean.

They also agreed that they would all live with Bullseye presenter Jim Bowen.

This is not the Top Gear hosts first brush with The Chase presenters.

Days ago, the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? presenter shocked social media users after revealing that he has no idea who the Chase’s Anne Hegerty is.

The TV personality was asked by the show’s contestant to help him answer a question about who presents a game show.

The options for the answer were; Anne Hegerty, Adil Ray, Warwick Davis and Phillip Schofield.

The presenter confessed: “I’ve never even heard of two of the people in this list – Adil Ray and Anne Hegerty.”

He went on to say he also couldn’t think of what the game show in question was.

Taking to social media after the show, the star responded to a Twitter user who accused him of having a “smug laugh” after saying he hadn’t heard of The Governess.

Jeremy replied: “I really hadn’t. Or the other chap.”

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