Wootton: Stupid Prince Harry must leave Netflix because of ‘The Crown’

As we discussed, Jemima Goldsmith (formerly Jemima Khan) has withdrawn her support from the upcoming season of The Crown, the John Major years in the 1990s. Jemima was friends with Princess Diana and she was sort of used as a writer/source for Peter Morgan, who briefly dumped Gillian Anderson for Jemima, then dumped Jemima and went back to Gillian. It’s all a melodramatic mess, but trust Dan Wootton to latch onto Jemima’s withdrawal of support to… attack Prince Harry. You know why. Prince Harry = Netflix = The Crown = How Dare Meghan Exist! This Wootton piece was especially bonkers because he also tries to bring Spencer (the film starring Kristen Stewart) into it when Netflix truly is not involved in that movie at all. Some lowlights from Wootton’s latest diatribe:

After Jemima Goldsmith withdrew her support, Harry must leave Netflix too: [Jemima’s support of The Crown] was going to prove especially important given that the hugely influential company had signed Diana’s youngest son Prince Harry and his ambitious Hollywood wife Meghan on a mega deal worth tens of millions of dollars. But yesterday that cover combusted in a shocking and dramatic fallout between Khan and The Crown that must now result in Harry quitting the broadcaster too if he has a single shred of respect left for his mother’s legacy.

Why Jemima quit: Quitting when she realised The Crown was going to chew up the legacy of Diana and spit her out for the purposes of entertainment shows true morality. It’s called putting the ones you love ahead of your pocketbook.

Harry the moral arbiter? Prince Harry has set himself up as a moral arbiter on many issues, many of which the bloke knows nothing about, like his pledge last week to reach Net Zero by 2030 despite being one of the world’s biggest private jet addicts. So why is it when it comes to the revolting treatment of his beloved mother by Netflix, he is prepared to turn a blind eye?

Why didn’t Harry sign onto a different streaming service? What’s most pathetic in this whole sorry saga is that virtually any US broadcaster would have signed Harry and Meghan for big bucks. Including other major players like Apple and Amazon who don’t have a plethora of shows about the private life of his own mother. As of this morning in the UK, the company continues to offer up a slew of sensationalist crap about Di, from the tawdry Diana: The Musical to salacious documentaries like Princess Diana’s Wicked Stepmother.

Wootton thinks Harry is stupid: Is Harry really that stupid – or did he realise that a broadcaster so obsessed with gaining subscriptions from fans of the Royal Family was going to pay him the most dosh? And how much money do the Sussexes really need, anyway? They’re already working for Spotify and a bank. Wake up, Harry, Netflix is using you. It doesn’t give a damn about your charity projects….It’s signed you as part of a package to make popular shows that dish dirt on your own family on a regular basis – especially your mother, the most bankable Netflix historical figure of them all. And staying as a star employee of this broadcaster strips away any remaining moral credibility you had left.

Harry’s tacit stamp of approval: Netflix is well aware that it’s deal with Prince Harry provides a tacit royal stamp of approval of The Crown. I guess that sums up the selfishness and hypocrisy of Prince Harry since he’s become guided by Meghan.

[From The Daily Mail]

Again, all of these people (including Wootton) loved The Crown when it was about the young, beautiful, sympathetic queen making tough decisions. They loved it when Seasons 2 and 3 showed the depth of Prince Charles’ misery in his childhood and early 20s. They loved it when it was sympathetic towards the right royals. I would even argue that Season 4 largely pulled its punches about Princess Diana and the depths of her misery and self-harm. It’s so notable to me that even though Charles was thoroughly panicked about Season 4, Harry and William were BOTH unconcerned – I suspect both of them thought it was a good representation of what their mother really went through. Basically, Wootton is showing his hand in a lot of different ways – this is a preview of Charles’ failing campaign to delegitimize a fancy Netflix soap opera AND it’s a repeat of all of the dumb arguments they’re still making about the Sussexes’ Netflix deal. And honestly, Jemima is probably just mad that Peter Morgan dumped her and went back to Gillian!

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