Why are Stormzy and Chip beefing? All the theories

Stormzy and Chip’s beef is just one of the many things we didn’t think we’d see happen in 2020. 

Chip, the artist formerly known as Chipmunk, interrupted an otherwise mundane Wednesday evening to share – and delete – a video reportedly showing Stormzy turning up to his house with a group of friends. 

‘June… When you get sent a video of Stormzy & friends tryna run up on your house,’ Chip captioned the post. 

In the footage, Stormzy is heard saying: ‘Telephone me, innit,’ to which Chip replies: ‘You think you can just pull up to people’s houses? No I ain’t gonna phone you, Stormzy.

‘You’re disrespectful bro, and that’s that.’ 

While Chip quickly removed the video, he then dropped the diss track Flowers in which he seems to mention the car park incident. 

‘Came offline, I’ve been chillin’ in mountains. How about you, bro? I really sell albums. ‘Wait, look, I thought I heard shots but the shoe don’t fit. Can’t flex on me with Louboutin drip. Cah my n***a, that’s stupid s**t. We all know that I’m stupid rich. 

‘Can’t stand these neeks when they talk on the tune. Cah it’s, “Wagwan bro?” when I walk in the room. That’s big Mike, the most paid, the most sold and I still get love from all of the goons, like.’

However, when the pair started trending on Twitter, Chip asked his followers: ‘Why am I trending?’ 

Tion Wayne also tried to play down the drama and tweeted: ‘U lot are bored.’ 

Is there more to Stormzy and Chip’s beef?

Random rumours are floating that Chip and Stormzy are clashing over a song feature while also speculating that Chip’s verse on Waze wasn’t even intended for Stormzy but another MC after all.

Chip told Metro.co.uk last year that he’s lost some friends along the way in his career, explaining: ‘The hardest learning curve of my career is confusing love and money. That can really unfold your life. 

‘People that I thought were brothers [weren’t].’ 

Now for Stormzy’s response… 

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