‘Veronica Mars’ Star Jason Dohring Reacts to That Shocking Finale Moment


Jason Dohring‘s character, Logan Echolls, is dead after being involved in an explosion in the season finale of the Veronica Mars reboot.

Now, Jason is reacting to what happened in the finale of the Hulu revival.

“I was crushed for like three days,” Jason told EW. “[Show creator Rob Thomas] said, ‘We’re going to shed the teenage drama aspect of the show. In an ideal world, I’d like to think [that] after building this relationship, maybe they’re right for each other so there’s not maybe a scenario where he can go off and be somewhere else where they don’t kind of keep coming together off and on. And Veronica does best as this underdog.’ And I think that at the end of the show, you really see her determination where she can pick herself up off the floor no matter what and continue and I think that that’s what the show is, so beautifully led by [Kristen Bell].”

If you didn’t watch yet, Logan was involved in an explosion at the hands of the Neptune bomber after he married Veronica. Logan went to move Veronica’s car after the wedding, and the car had been rigged with an explosive device. Veronica realized, through a series of clues, that there had been an explosive in the car, but she came to this realization just moments too late as the car exploded.

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