Tracy Morgan, Dave Bautista & Liza Koshy Prove That Certain Is Better in Super Bowl 2021 Commercial – Watch Now!

Tracey Morgan is offering some good advice for future homeowners in his new 2021 Super Bowl commercial for Rocket Mortgage.

The commercial opens with a family attending an open house and wondering if they can afford it.

When the father responds he’s “pretty sure” they can, the clip cuts to Tracey Morgan in a bathtub letting them know that when it comes to home ownership, certainty is always best.

Tracy then leads the family through a series of examples where “pretty sure” gets them in some serious trouble, from eating poisonous mushrooms to evading a bear attack.

Then as they leave a movie theater, Tracey says, “I’m pretty sure you can take [Dave] Bautista down.”

The commercial cuts to a Fight Club style brawl, with the father going head-to-head against the WWE superstar. YouTuber Liza Koshy is seen filming the fight in the audience. “I’m pretty sure this is trending,” she jokes.

The commercial ends with the family telling Tracy, “Certain is better.”

Check out the full commercial below!

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