This O.C. Star Became A Trump Supporter Who Thinks BLM Is A 'Terrorist Organization'

There’s a reason why Seth and Summer ended up together…

Samaire Armstrong, who you’ll likely recognize as Anna Stern from The O.C., has publicly come out as a supporter of Donald Trump, revealing why she’ll be voting for him a second time in the upcoming election.

In a seven-minute video shared to her Instagram account on Wednesday, she insisted that she wasn’t a traditional conservative, and doesn’t even label herself a Republican:

“I’m actually an independent. I do look at both sides of the party system and assess what’s going on.”

She questioned the effectiveness of career politicians such as Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris, labeling them as “out of their minds,” and saying that “they’re not doing anything” to solve the systemic racism which many Democrats say has been allowed by the President. This new video came a day after a post where she labeled Black Lives Matter as “a billion dollar domestic terrorist organization.”

She also accused Democrats of fawning over former President Barack Obama, who she says did nothing to benefit the country:

“‘Oh, Obama, our first Black President, this is so awesome.’… What did he do? What was his success other than being a Black President? Did Chicago get any better?”

And shared a message aimed at those voting for Biden and Harris in the coming election:

“You’re part of the problem because you’ve been duped into believing that the Democratic Party are for the people, and this idea — that’s been massly pushed by the media — that Republicans are naturally racist people is insulting, frightening, and dangerous.”

The 39-year-old scoffed at the idea of the US government having to “take care of everybody,” because it is not properly structured to do that here, and criticized those that compare the current healthcare system to what exists in smaller countries:

“Taxing the rich gets in the way of providing jobs for people.”

Armstrong also scoffed at being a “brainwashed idiot,” which she says many Trump supporters are falsely labeled as, before questioning what she believes is an overreaction to COVID-19, claiming that 8,000 people generally die in the United States each week:

“Saying ‘I’m a believer in science, I’m a science believer’… that doesn’t mean you’re looking into the science; it proves you’re parroting a narrative that’s been painted that people on the right don’t believe in science.”

And as for climate change? Another topic she seems to think is an overreaction:

“I’m not saying climate change isn’t happening — absolutely, it happens all the time. We were once in an Ice Age, we are now not. It’s seasonal, every year, every century.”

All of this to say that she does not want “big government” in her business, and that the Celebrity Apprentice host “isn’t even technically a Republican himself,” she added:

“He’s always socially at heart been a Democrat — a liberal, I should say. Because he believes in social equality. So this fallacy that he’s an evil racist, bigot is f**king bullshit. We are riddled with fear right now over speaking; and in America, that’s our right. We have the right to speak out on this.”

Watch the full video (below):

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