The Tweets About Demar Shading John Paul Jones On ‘The Bachelorette’ Are So Good

Going onto The Bachelor or Bachelorette means there’s a good chance your dating history is going to be revealed to the world. If you’re the lead of the show, there’s an even better chance the world has already watched you fall for other people onscreen. During Week 7 of Tayshia’s stint as the Bachelorette, one of the contestants made this fact more apparent than ever, to hilarious results. The tweets about Demar shading John Paul Jones on The Bachelorette are as funny as his love song was.

For a group date on Nov. 24, Tayshia had all of the guys write her a love song. While the idea is majorly cute (because who doesn’t want a whole bunch of hot guys singing to you), the problem, of course, is that none of the guys are musicians. Still, Tayshia went into the date just wanting to see them have fun and express themselves, and she was not let down.

While a lot of the songs were lowkey decent, one that stood out to both viewers and to the Bachelorette herself, was Demar’s. His song entitled "Mocha Latte" had a special shoutout hidden in the lyrics which highlighted Tayshia’s ex, John Paul Jones.

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