The Israeli And Palestinian Conflict – And ME! Plus, My Mom Cancelled Her Trip! My Son's New Obsession! And… | Perez Hilton

Perez has found myself subjected to so much hate for sharing a message of peace with regards to the situation in Gaza and Tel Aviv. He’s not one to shy away from speaking up, though. We will not be intimidated into silence! Also, Momma Perez has postponed her visit to Miami. We get into that and an update on our youngest and her school situation. Perez is eating his feelings away and that’s okay. Not ideal. But it’s okay. Temporary. Last week was – a funk. But J.R. Hilton has picked up this thing that he’s now doing that we’re so thankful for! Plus, we did make time to go out to a dinner with my best friend and was shocked by it! Trying to process seven days in our life here!

Watch! Enjoy!


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