Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ is out & there’s a new music video for the song ‘Lover’ too

Taylor Swift’s Lover is out right now. Taylor Swift wants the entire Snake Fam to download the album on multiple platforms AND go out and buy multiple hard copies of the album. I haven’t had the chance to listen to every single song yet, but I’m actually getting a vague 1989 feel – as in, some of these songs absolutely sound like Tay-from-two-albums-ago. It’s like Reputation never happened, huh? She also released the official music video for “Lover.”

I don’t get this at all, and I’m saying that as someone who actually *likes* the song. This song is so sweet and lowkey, there was no need for this kind of twee, sugary, over-the-top video with all of these sets. The video could have been Taylor in a cute dress, singing to a guy in a barn. And it would have been a better reflection of the lyrics too.

Other songs on this album – you can here “Daylight” here. It sounds like a dozen other Taylor Swift songs, and it has a very 1989 vibe, honestly. Why are people hyping “Paper Rings”? It’s… not very good? “The Man” is about the patriarchy:

Here’s “Cruel Summer,” which unfortunately is not a cover of the amazing Bananarama song. *cough* You know Kanye had an album called Cruel Summer too. *cough*

Here’s “London Boy,” with Idris Elba at the start… well…it’s about how she loves a British boy.

Photos courtesy of Taylor Swift’s social media.

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