Taylor Swift Dishes On Hiding All Those Easter Eggs in ‘Me’: ‘I Trust Them To Eventually Unravel All of Them’

Fans have been digging for more and more Easter eggs in Taylor Swift‘s latest video and song, “Me!” and in a new interview, she’s spilling all the secrets.

Chatting with The Independent, the 29-year-old singer revealed that there are more hidden messages in the video that we haven’t spotted yet.

“I wanted to channel Pattie Boyd in the Sixties scene because I adore her,” Taylor shared. “Two glasses of wine and I’m immediately yelling about how much I love Pattie Boyd.”

Another thing you’ll see that she tributes to her love of films is “the idea of flipping some old romantic stereotypes, like how a man would make a grand gesture in the street for a girl up on a balcony to make it up to her. Instead it’s me and a bunch of bad ass women in business suits doing the wooing. Then he tries to win me back with a few cliched lady traps like flowers and a ring. But I’m like no, nah. But he hands me a cat? Okay, he must know me.”

“With this video, I wanted it to be sort of a love letter to romantic, epic musical films, but always with a weird eccentric twist,” Taylor added. “Some of it was inspired by big Disney films, or classics like Singin’ in the Rain.”

Taylor admits that some fans might be sick of the Easter eggs and hidden messages now, but she’s still going to do them unless you scream stop at her.

“I trust them [the fans] to eventually unravel all of them, even if it isn’t until they hear the full album,” Taylor shared. “That’s how I designed these clues, so that different ones would reveal themselves over time. I know this makes me sound like a frustrating, magical elf making people guess my name or something. If the fans tell me they’re not having fun with it anymore, I swear I’ll stop!”

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