T.I. Reached A Plea Deal In His Assault Case

Earlier this year, T.I. had a drunken evening, forgot his keys and then got into a kerfuffle with a security guard at his gated community. That entire scene turned bad when the cops eventually arrested T.I. and he was whisked away to a different kind of gated community; jail. Thankfully for T.I. he can put all of this unnecessary drama behind him now because on Thursday, he and lawyer Steven Sadow agreed to a plea deal.

The Blast reports that T.I. pled no contest to all of the charges, which were eventually stripped down to a city ordinance violation. Originally T.I. was charged with public drunkenness, simple assault and disorderly conduct but because of his cooperation the charges were dropped and he had to pay a $300 fine. Hell, for all that he could have just given that $300 to the security guard Euwan James and said “Shhhh….take this and live ya life“. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. And Tip was none too pleased with the situation because he believes that the incident was spiked with a shot of racism.

T.I. told The Blast the incident was motivated by “white cops in a very white area.” He also said he never laid a hand on the guard. He pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Prosecutors claimed the rapper was “yelling profanities at Mr. James, including cuss words and racial slurs, contrary to the laws of this state.”

The Blast also reports that allegedly Tip told the security guard “nobody will get you out of this” during their altercation, which ultimately made him fear for his life. But listen, everyone says silly shit when they’re drunk! Tip probably meant “nobody will get you out of this…JOB, except ME.” He was trying to help my man out by offering him a better position elsewhere. Perhaps as an assistant to shake out all of his wife Tiny’s wigs before performances. That has to be a full-time position.

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