Stephen Amell, who called striking ‘myopic,’ was seen at the SAG-AFTRA strike in NYC

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Since the SAG-AFTRA strike started in July, only a few actors have stepped out of line or openly questioned the need to strike or the leadership of the union. Let me tell you, those people have been dealt with SWIFTLY. I have no idea if SAG-AFTRA employs mafia tactics to keep actors in line, but it certainly feels like any dissent or any social media grumble is dealt with in a matter of hours. Like, Sarah Silverman had legitimate questions about the union’s use of waivers for certain productions and within one day, the union’s leaders were on a personal call to Silverman and they got her to backtrack and soften her language.

So it is with Stephen Amell, one of few “high-profile” actors to openly criticize the strike itself. He’s also openly scabbed by promoting his show. In late July, Amell made some ridiculous comments about how striking is “myopic” and a “reductive negotiating tactic” and while he supports his union, he doesn’t support striking. The backlash was so immediate, he backtracked hard on social media. Now look at him – Amell was in New York on Friday at the big, star-studded strike/demonstration. Michael Shannon, Sam Rockwell, Leslie Bibb, Patricia Clarkson, Edward Norton, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Billy Crudup and many more were also in attendance. I wonder if Amell felt like the sh-t-talking fraud he is?

A lot of people are like “oh you know Fran Drescher called him personally to rip him a new one,” but I think it’s more like his manager frog-marched him to the strike, screamed at him until he put on the t-shirt (!!) and shoved the sign in his hand.

— Alex Malcolm aka Lexx (@LexxMoves) August 11, 2023

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