Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Get Matching Tattoos to Honor Their Late Dog, Waldo

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are mourning the loss of their dog, Waldo Picasso, after he was killed in a tragic accident last Wednesday. TMZ reported that the pup was on a leash with a dog walker in Manhattan when it broke free, ran into the street, and got hit by a vehicle. The newlyweds were torn after the loss, but they’re now paying tribute to Waldo in a permanent way by getting matching tattoos of his furry visage.

The Game of Thrones star and Jonas Brothers member shared their coordinating body art on Instagram this afternoon. They both got portraits of Waldo’s face—with two different colored eyes and his tongue playfully sticking out—etched onto their arms in black ink. The work was done by the artist Dragon of Bang Bang Tattoo in NYC.

“I miss you, Waldo. Rest In Peace my little baby,” Turner captioned a photo of the new tattoo on her arm, which she featured on her Instagram Story.

Jonas also shared his fresh ink and wrote, “R.I.P. my little angel.”

Both stars have a fair share of tattoos, but this isn’t their first time getting matching ink. In October, tattoo artist Mr. K revealed that the duo got “To infinity and beyond” tatted on their wrists. Turner also has a couple of Game of Thrones-inspired pieces, including the date she was cast in the show and the Stark sigil with the words, “The pack survives.”

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