Sofia Vergara asks the court to uphold her prenup with Joe Manganiello

While Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello’s split was a surprise, it didn’t seem like their divorce would be all that scandalous. There was a minor briefing war for about a week between the two sides, with Joe’s people insisting that he was walking away from the marriage because he wants to be a father, and Sofia’s side saying Joe was an unsupportive, barely employed loser, basically. There’s probably some truth to both sides. In any case, Joe filed for divorce and I doubt the filing was a shock to Sofia. Her divorce lawyer has already gone to court to say that her prenup must be upheld:

Sofía Vergara is looking to uphold her prenup with Joe Manganiello as the two work to settle the terms of their divorce. According to new documents obtained by PEOPLE, Vergara responded to Manganiello’s divorce filing on July 26, also citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the dissolution of their marriage.

The actress asked the court to uphold their prenup, and also confirm that certain assets should remain hers, including jewelry, artwork and “other personal effects.” Vergara also claimed her earnings from before and during their marriage as her assets.

Despite their shared mutual love and respect, a source previously told PEOPLE the Modern Familystar and the True Blood alum “differ immensely in style and what they like to do, although during the marriage, each tried to put the other’s interests ahead of their own to make it work.” The couple had also been going through “ups and downs for a long time,” though they “always put on a good front publicly.”

On the same day that Vergara responded to Manganiello’s divorce filing, a source told PEOPLE that the actress was “doing excellent” amid the divorce news.

“She is sad that her marriage didn’t work out, but she feels very fortunate anyway,” the source said. “She has a great life that she loves. She is staying at her house for now. Joe is living elsewhere.” The insider added that “there is no drama” between the former couple.

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I doubt there will be any reason for Joe to contest the prenup – they were married for almost seven years, but they don’t have kids together and it feels like they always kept their assets separate, although the real estate issue might get a little bit dicey. They were living in a home Sofia paid for, but I think they also purchased a home together. If I was in Sofia’s place, I would offer a one-and-done divorce settlement to Joe and just walk away free and clear.

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