‘SNL’: Kanye West & Pete Davidson As Rami Malek Audition To Host The Oscars In ‘SNL’ Sketch — Watch

Both Kanye West & Rami Malek (as portrayed by Pete Davidson) both auditioned to be the next Oscars in a hilarious ‘SNL’ sketch! Watch it here!

With Kevin Hart out as host of the next Academy Awards, SNL explored some other options in a hilarious sketch that showed all of your favorite celebrities. Among those up for the job include Rami Malek (played by Pete Davidson) who said he’d bring a “high energy” approach to hosting. In addition, Kanye West (portrayed flawlessly as always by Chris Redd) also threw his hat in the ring, saying, “Controversy, bro. You know what I’m saying? Like I’m trying to stay way out of it. Best actor? Mmm, mmm. What about best human bro? My Twitter’s never been problem. Scroll it.” Watch the hilarious sketch that’s full of amazing impressions below!

Last week’s viral SNL sketch saw Jason Momoa reprising his role of Khal Drogo as part of the fake show that we secretly wish was a real show, Ghost Dojo. In addition to interviews with Hodor, the High Sparrow, and — very briefly — Brienne of Tarth, the talk show also had Joffrey and his now-deceased assassin Lady Olenna duking it out in a huge cat fight.

Another viral stand-out was when the female performers of SNL got a chance to sing “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” with the “you” being Robert Mueller. Here’s a snippet of some of the hilarious lyrics: “I don’t need a full impeachment, I just need a little fun. Please don’t tell us we aren’t crazy. At least indict his oldest son.” With Trump’s fixer Michael Cohen heading to prison for three years, time will tell if they get their wish.

We’ll keep you posted with all of the latest SNL sketches. In the meantime, check out of all of the photos from this season in our gallery above.

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