Sir Rod Stewart regrets labelling Sir Elton John tour a 'money grab'

Sir Rod Stewart regrets past ‘spiteful’ comments he made about his old enemy Sir Elton John’s tour being a ‘money grab’ as they put an end to their feud.

The Maggie May singer referred to comments he made on an American talk show about Sir Elton’s mammoth Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour.

Speaking to Harry Redknapp on his podcast, the rocker was apologetic as he explained they had smoothed things over between them.

He said: ‘Well we’ve always been fierce enemies as you know through the years but it’s always been at a playful level, but I was a bit spiteful about when he announced his tour.

‘I was on an American TV show of which they apply you with lots of drinks before the show and I said I just see it as money grabbing.

‘He’d retired a couple of times before, three years to retire, and I got spiteful and I regret it. I really do regret it, but anyway we’re all good mates now.’

Sir Rod added that he ‘loves’ the Rocketman singer and decided to apologise to Sir Elton as an example to his children.

‘We had the worst row like a married couple it went on forever,’ he said of their bitter falling out, ‘but he just said “I’ve forgiven Rod and everything” and I’m gonna send him Christmas card too.

‘No, I do love him.’

When Harry commented that he was ‘a big man’ for admitting he was at fault, Sir Rod replied: ‘That’s exactly what I say to my kids.

‘I say a man apologises, go apologise to your mother.’

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