Shane Richie’s son queries I’m A Celebrity editing amid ‘tension’ between AJ and his dad

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I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! 2020 viewers flocked to social media last night to comment on the seeming awkwardness between AJ Pritchard, 26, and Shane Richie, 56, after the latter appeared to chuck his bowl and cutlery down after eating.

Are you editing to cause tension? That’s what I can’t agree with.

Shane Nolan, Shane Richie’s son

The EastEnders star then asked, “Right, who’s doing the washing up?” as he embraced being off cleaning duty.

AJ had only recently been tasked with doing the washing up with Jessica Plummer, and did not appear to like his campmate’s comment.

After putting down his cutlery and bowl, Shane then put his hand on AJ’s shoulder, which seemingly left the latter unimpressed. He did not respond verbally to him.

Following this, the clip was shared on the show’s Twitter page with the caption: “Do you think this tension between @aj11ace and @realshanerichie is going to escalate?”

Shane’s son, also called Shane, shared the clip on his social media page and queried the show’s intentions.

He wrote: “I know it’s a tv show but ur playing with peoples lives man.

“If their really is tension then I’m all for it. Or are you editing to cause tension? That’s what I can’t agree with.

“I know it’s telly but theirs vile comments being thrown around and it’s not fair.”(sic)

AJ had previously called out Shane’s efforts in cleaning their eating utensils.

Speaking of taking over the duty, he said in the camp’s Telegraph: “If you do a job too well you get given a job, don’t you?

“I’m happy with my role. Yeah, I don’t know why I’m talking high pitched, but I’m happy.” has contacted a representative for ITV for comment.

It’s not the first time Shane has spoken out about his dad’s antics on the show.

After the moment was aired last night, the singer went on to tweet: “Oooooh Aj does not like my old man. Absolutely hilarious #imacelebrity.”(sic)

In response to this, a viewer wrote: “I love your dad, but that was not right. If my husband threw that tin on the floor… he better be prepared for me to whack him on the head with it.”

Defending his dad, he replied: “He dropped it for a laugh then moved it, come on.”

A second commented: “Absolutely! That was just disrespectful,” while another wrote: “Oh my god he was joking!!”

Shane’s son also previously branded AJ a “little b**ch” for confronting his dad about the washing up not being done properly.

He said: “He’s not going to be everybody’s cup of tea and when you see people slate your dad, he can’t clean, my step-mum will vouch for that, other people will vouch for that.

“AJ was a little b***h when he was talking about him. ‘Look how clean I’ve got them’. F**k off mate, got a dishwasher mate, f**k off.”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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