Sarah Paulson Is Unrecognizable While Dressed as Linda Tripp on ‘Impeachment’ Set

Sarah Paulson transforms into Linda Tripp while on the set of the upcoming limited series American Crime Story: Impeachment.

The 46-year-old Emmy-winning actress looked unrecognizable while walking around set in her pink suit on Monday (February 1) in Los Angeles.

The show is being made by Ryan Murphy and follows the retelling of President Bill Clinton‘s impeachment and relationship with Monica Lewinsky, played by Beanie Feldstein.

“Sarah Paulson is playing Linda Tripp,” Beanie said in an interview with Variety last year. “I love her more than anything and I’ve always been her no. 1 fan. I think I’ve modeled my life over her life in any way I can. We were always emailing — we had never met, but we were, just in life, had been set up on email and were chatting and when I found out.”

Beanie continued, “If you know the story, [Lewinsky and Tripp] are best friends and then one deeply betrays the other one, [Paulson’s character] betrays me and I just couldn’t be more excited to play that out with the person I think to be one of the best actors of all time. And she’s just so funny and warm and giving, so to take this journey with her is going to be really exciting.”

See the photos we have of Beanie on the set of the show!

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