Sammy Hagar Worried Fans Wouldn’t Stay In Their Seats At Socially-Distanced Shows

Sammy Hagar opposes the idea of performing at socially-distanced shows, expressing concern that fans wouldn’t stay in their seats and conform to COVID protocols.

The Red Rocker ruled out the idea of playing socially distanced shows in an interview with

“I just know that those five thousand people are not gonna stay in their seats and socially distance,” Hagar said. “The second we start getting it on and I start saying, ‘Are we having any fun yet?’ and holding the mic up in the air and [going], ‘Right now,’ they’re gonna be at the front of the stage all unsocially distanced, and it’s gonna get criticized or I’m gonna get sued or fined or something. So it’s a bummer.

Hagar and his band The Circle performed in October 2020 at his annual birthday bash from a stage on the beach of Catalina Island in California. The pay-per-view concert was “cool” but was not financially successful, according to him.

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