Sadie Stanley Is Really Passionate About the Climate Crisis

Sadie Stanley is opening up about her interest in the climate crisis.

The 17-year-old Kim Possible actress urged her followers to get involved and educated about climate change.

“I guess it was cut out for time or cohesiveness, but I was really sad to see that because that rule was the one I felt the most strongly about,” she shared on Instagram. “It was about reducing/cutting global carbon dioxide and greenhouse emissions, which are hitting an all-time high. I’ve always found it scary to talk publicly about world issues or more controversial subjects but that isn’t helping anyone.”

“The Climate Crisis is real and it’s scary,” Sadie continued. “I just wanted to include this and encourage all of you to educate yourselves on climate change and it effects, as well as what you can do in your own life to help. I’m continuing to do this as well.”

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