Ronda Rousey Suffers Gruesome Finger Injury From ‘9-1-1’ Set Accident

The former mixed martial artist is reportedly taken to a San Diego-area hospital for treatment after notifying the director of her mangled fingers caused by an on-set door-slamming mishap.

AceShowbizRonda Rousey has suffered a nasty injury to her middle and ring fingers on her left hand while filming a scene for TV drama “9-1-1“.

The former mixed martial arts superstar’s middle finger was broken and her tendon was nearly severed, while she also fractured the tip of her ring finger during an on-set door-slamming accident in Mexico.

According to TMZ, she was taken by ambulance to a San Diego-area hospital for treatment, where her middle finger had to be repaired with a bolt and screws.

Ronda has posted a gruesome photo of her gnarly injury online.

Ronda Rousey posted a gruesome photo of her gnarly injury.

The actress, who plays a tough Los Angeles firefighter on the show, stayed in character and finished the scene, before she alerted the director to her mangled fingers. According to reports, she was back at work the next day.

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