Rihanna Featured On Cover Of ‘Essence’ In Collab With Artist Lorna Simpson

Superstar Rihanna adorns the January-February 2021 cover of Essence magazine.

The cover and other photos on a 12-page portfolio titled “Of Earth & Sky” were captured by Lorna Simpson.

Commending the J. Paul Getty Medal winning photographer, Rihanna said, “Lorna is a legend. Honestly, I just didn’t think I could get her. But I like reaching for the stars and I like challenging myself.”

“It’s a natural trifecta. It’s like magic,” the 32-year-old Fenty Beauty founder told the magazine.

“[Collaborating] with Rihanna and Essence magazine is quite incredible,” according to Simpson. “As an artist, I’m able to deliver these unusual images of someone who is so well-known and so recognizable… It’s an amazing opportunity.”

Sharing the stunning glamorous portrait of Rihanna on Twitter, the celebrity magazine wrote, “Rihanna is sitting on top of the world in our January + February portfolio feature! The global fashion and beauty founder collaborated with artist @lornasimpson for the ultimate tribute to modern-day glamour and vintage beauty in this spectacular artist rendering.”

(Photo: EJ Hersom)

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