Rege-Jean Page: Bridgerton is ‘Jane Austin meets Gossip Girl with 35 shades of gray’

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I wrote a post last week about how the fans of Bridgerton and The Bond franchise are calling for Rege-Jean “the god” Page to be the new James Bond in the upcoming franchise. The call for Rege-Jean to as Bond seems to be gaining traction. Rege was interviewed by Jimmy Fallon to discuss the success of Bridgerton. He also commented on fans calling for him to be the next James Bond. Rege also described how some members of his family are trying to avoid watching his steamiest scenes in Bridgerton, calling them very “stimulated and caffeinated.” Below are a few quotes from the interview:

On fans calling for him to be Bond
The Internet thinks a lot of things and that’s one of the more pleasant ones. If you’re a Brit and you do something of any kind of renown that people regard well then people start saying the B word. It’s like a merit badge. You get the B word merit badge. I’m glad to have the badge [and] be in such wonderful company of people who have the badge.

On how he would describe Bridgerton to people who haven’t seen it yet
It’s kind of like Jane Austin meets Gossip Girl with 35 shades of grey.

His sex scenes embarrassed his cousin
My cousin sent me a message ‘I had to make so many tactical cups of tea during this show. Then I came back and you were still going.’ My family are very stimulated and caffeinated at this point.

They practiced the dancing a lot
We worked very hard on it. 100,000 times in rehearsal. We rehearsed it until we dropped. We spent endless hours in dance rehearsals. Neither Phoebe nor I are like championship dancers but [we were] surrounded by professional dancers. [We rehearsed on our own too.]

On what it’s like working with horses
Horses are the biggest divas on set. They’re like incredibly intelligent children with the power of a horse. You can’t say the word a-c-t-i-o-n around a horse because they know what it means. If someone lively yells “action” the horse will run.

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I had to watch that interview several times because I zoned out staring at Rege-Jean (thanks Celebitchy). My inner middle-aged Thotiana behaves badly when it comes to Rege. I have also fallen down the Bridgerton fandom rabbit hole and I may hibernate down there for the rest of winter. I’d like to add in light of what I just said, I did not rewatch a single episode of Bridgerton over the weekend. I think that is the first step towards my deprogramming from the Rege-Jean “the god” Page cult, but don’t quote me on that. **Goes to watch the first season of For The People**

As for the interview, I love when Rege talked about how one of his cousins didn’t get the warning message for the show and how she said she kept making herself tactical cups of tea to avoid the sex scenes. At one point when she returned thinking the scene was over, Rege was still going. I literally hollered because that is a perfect description of episode six. Rege stating that horses are divas is accurate. I grew up with horses and as much as I love these beautiful creatures, they can be high maintenance. It was also fun to hear that all of carriage scenes were filmed in front of a green screen without horses and that the crew would step in to carry and move the buggy. I do hope that we will continue to see Rege in and out of bed, I mean Bridgerton. I hope this has truly jumpstarted Rege’s world-wide appeal. Even if Rege isn’t tapped to be the next James Bond, it would be fun seeing him in an action or spy film. I haven’t grown tired of Rege yet and that is saying something.

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