Red Hot Chili Peppers Walk of Fame Star Ceremony Shuts Down Hollywood Blvd

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are feeling unlimited love from their fans … folks are flocking to the ceremony for the band’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star and the scene looks insane!!!

RHCP is being honored as we speak on Hollywood Blvd … and it’s causing such a ruckus the city decided to shut down the famous street to traffic.

Flea, John Frusciante, Anthony Kiedis and Chad Smith are a huge draw … there’s a huge throng of RHCP people crowding around the new star, plus a ton of cameras and a heavy police presence.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce looks like it’s busting out all the tricks for this ceremony … hiring the USC marching band and song girls to provide entertainment to those milling around on the streets.

Celebs in attendance include Woody Harrelson, George Clinton and Bob Forrest.

The Chilli Peppers are still huge in Los Angeles … the band formed here way back in the 1980s … and they’re still super relevant. Flea is a fixture at Lakers games and other L.A. sporting events, and RHCP is about to release its 12th studio album, “Unlimited Love.”

Congrats on the star!!!

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