Prince William’s Awkward Interview Question About 2007 Breakup with Kate Middleton Unearthed in Old Video

Years before they were married, Prince William and Kate Middleton broke up briefly in 2007. They, of course, rekindled their romance shortly after and were married in April of 2011!

Well, a clip recently resurfaced on Twitter at the 2007 Princess Diana memorial concert, where Prince William and Prince Harry were giving a brief press conference.

One reporter asked, “How are things going with Kate?” and Prince William was caught a bit off guard!

“Uh, well, uh, I’ve got lots of friends coming…So, you know, everyone’s going to be here tonight, and it’s going to be a great night,” he said! Prince Harry had to get a dig in, and added, “Very well avoided, William!”

Prince William then replied, “Very diplomatic.”

You can watch the clip on Twitter!

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