Prince Harry Shares What He & Queen Elizabeth Discussed During Meeting

Prince Harry‘s finally revealed what he and Queen Elizabeth II discussed during their first face-to-face in a while — and it sounds like Her Majesty was in a sporty spirit.

The Duke of Sussex was talking to the BBC Monday night about the Invictus Games — for which he and wife Meghan Markle are in attendance — and one of the hosts asked him how his not-so-secret meeting with grandma went.

PH spilled … sorta. He echoed back the question — which was about whether QE2 sent well-wishes to Team UK — saying yeah, Liz sends her best. Harry also noted he’d already passed on her sentiments to those for whom they were intended … namely, the athletes.

Harry also said it was great seeing her, adding she’d love to be here if she could. That’s about it — nothing of substance, really, but at least it’s a glimpse of their chat.

You’ll recall … Harry and Meghan made a pitstop in London last week on their way to the Netherlands, where they met with both the Queen and Prince Charles, briefly, before they were on their way again. It was the first time the couple had been back in the UK. together since they stepped down from their Royal duties in 2020, and since the Oprah interview.

Their kids are absent from this voyage, so the Queen wasn’t able to see them — especially Meg and Harry’s newest child, Lilibet … who’s named after HRH. That’s a bummer, of course, but it sounds like Harry was able to speak his piece — and, so far, it sounds like it was chill.

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