Open Post: Hosted By Anderson Cooper Blushing Over Hooking Up With The Same Guy As Andy Cohen

Not to spill all the secrets of the gay community, but, yes, we do all have a photographic memory when it comes to Ariana Grande song lyrics. Oh, and the go-to appetizer at brunch is usually a roundtable on mutual hookups. Apparently, it has taken Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen several decades to have a mutual hookup (suuuuuure, Jan), but last night on Watch What Happens Live, Andy “let it slip” that they found out a few weeks ago they had slept with the same dude.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta peach-holder Cynthia Bailey was the prop used to drag out the so-unplanned salacious tidbits about Andy and Anderson. They played a game where they basically had to answer questions about each other in lightning round fashion. When Cynthia asked them to each give an answer about what is something surprising that most people don’t know about them, Andy replied, “That we’re eskimo brothers.” Not to be confused with Hallmark card-worthy “Eskimo kissing,” “Eskimo brothers” means when two dudes have played hide the salami with the same person but are still “bros.” So somewhere out there is a 20-year-old Latino go-go dancer who can brag about having both Andys.

Anderson’s typically Casper-hued skin turned plum after he muttered, “I don’t even know if that’s true.” Andy doubled down and said that it most certainly was after having found out a few weeks ago! Cynthia tried to move forward, but Andy kept it up and pointed out how Anderson was blushing. He jokingly said he wondered why he even agreed to be on this show, which I’m sure made Kathy Griffin shoot Anderson a text saying, “That was SO uncalled for. When I was your co-host, all I did was flash by boobies and tell dick jokes – never where your dick had been!

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