Oli London Says BTS Obsession Isn't Reason For Identifying as Korean

The British influencer who underwent 18 surgeries to look like BTS singer Park Jimin says the K-pop band isn’t their reason for identifying as Korean … it’s the country as a whole.

Oli London, who identifies as non-binary and changed their name to Jimin, tells TMZ … they became transracial after falling in love with Korean culture while living in the Asian nation, and their BTS obsession is a physical inspiration that led to a load of plastic surgery.

While Oli tells us they worship Jimin the BTS singer like a god and aspire to be like him in every single detail, their transition is really more about a love for everything that makes up Korea … the food, the people and the lifestyle.

As you know … the influencer is identifying as Korean after going under the knife a whopping 18 times for a variety of plastic surgeries, including loads of work on their eyes, nose and jaw.

Oli says the transition started long before their first plastic surgery … and they say Rachel Dolezal provided the inspiration to come forward with their truth.

TMZ broke the story … Rachel, a white woman who infamously identifies as Black, is embracing Oli’s choice to identify as Korean.

Oli says more plastic surgery to look like Jimin is on deck … but that’s not the reason they feel 100 percent Korean.

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