Nicki MInaj Dances Provocatively In Sexy Cutout Swimsuit In BTS Clip From ‘Fendi’ Video

Nicki Minaj is showing off what it takes to be hot in a music video. She shared a behind the scenes video of her feeling her incredible body while wearing a pink cutout swimsuit.

Nicki Minaj is head to toe pink Fendi outfits for her collab with PnB Rock, appropriately titled “Fendi” for her Fendi Prints On collection launching on Oct. 14. She shared several behind the scenes videos to her Instagram after the song and music video dropped on Sept. 26 and she’s giving a master class on how to be a vixen. In one of the videos she shows how to bring the sexy, wearing a heavy pink Fendi print jacket then slowly moving her hands down from caressing her face and neck to her chest, opening  up the coat to show a pink one piece swimsuit with a big right side cutout.

It’s clear that only the top part of her outfit is going to be featured on camera as she has a large white towel tied around her hips. She’s also standing on an apple box to give her some extra height as the shot is taking place in front of a bright blue pool with a mansion in the background.

The shot is actually one of the opening moments of the “Fendi” music video so it was either this moment or another take that made it in to the final cut. PnB Rock is seen behind her to her right, shirtless in his silver pants and gloves and in the video sure enough, Nicki does the neck caress and jacket open and then the camera pans to PnB before her full swimsuit is even shown.

Nicki captioned the video: #FendiPrintsOn behind the scenes. Yes, my collection is for women AND men. Yes, I’ll give some away to a few lucky fans. 👀😘🎀🛍 long live Chun-Li 🥰 link in my bio to hear #Fendi now.” Even her famous fans were excited for the new goods as former RHOA star Phaedra Parks wrote in the caption, “I need ALL of this deliciousness @nickiminaj 💓😛💞👅, and Kandi Burruss‘ daughter Riley raved, “That jacket😍🔥🔥🔥.”  Birdman left the comment “KILLA🦅❤️,” and so many fans said they wanted all of the items in her new 127 piece Fendi collection.

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