Nick Cave Shares Thoughts on Hate Messages: They Are ‘Weirdly Energizing’

When answering fan-submitted questions, the ‘Where the Wild Roses Grow’ rocker additionally explains why he does not agree with a statement that we are living in ‘a time of cynicism and cruelty.’

AceShowbizNick Cave finds negative criticism “weirdly energizing.”

The Australian singer opened up on receiving hateful messages and criticism online in a new edition of “The Red Hand Files”, which sees the “Where the Wild Roses Grow” star answering fan-submitted questions on his website.

“In this time of illness, cynicism and cruelty, do you receive many mean or vile messages? How do you cope with that kind of negative energy?” asked a devotee named Pat.

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In response, Nick wrote, “The letters sent to ‘The Red Hand Files’ are mostly beautiful, full of love and a joy to read, but I do get the odd unkind message. Generally, though, I like them and find them weirdly energizing. There is nothing quite like a good death threat in the morning to get the juices flowing.”

The Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds frontman then disagrees with the fan’s statement that we are living in “a time of cynicism and cruelty,” writing that “though there are dementing and cynical voices out there… they do not represent the voices of the many, or the good.”

“My experience of actual people in this time is overwhelmingly positive – there is a great deal of love and mutual regard and community. I think most of us understand that in order to rise above this particular moment we must pull together, and act with civility, generosity and kindness,” he explained, adding that, “there is much in our world that is in need of change, to be set to rights, and clearly humanity is complex, conflicted and full of faults… (and) we need to come together not just in good faith and consolation, but also in a spirit of creativity and invention.”

“Our existence depends upon offering the best of ourselves. Negativity, cynicism and resentment will not do. ‘We must love one another or die,’ ” concluded the “Into My Arms” star.

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