Neil Young Planning ‘Ragged Glory’ Reissue

Neil Young & Crazy Horse‘s 1990 album Ragged Glory will be reissued next year, the Canadian singer-songwriter said on his Archive website.

Young offers a bonus album of unreleased tracks material, which he describes as “a real head scratcher.”

The Ragged Glory reissue will contain 38 more minutes of music in vinyl, compact disc and digital formats.

A statement on the website explains the unique nature of the recording sessions.

“The band played a set of songs twice a day at Plywood Analog for a couple of weeks, then went back, listened and chose best tracks after the two weeks were up. … The same tracks were never repeated in a recording set, played only once as [a] set. … No repeats. This approach took ‘analysis’ out of the game during the sessions, allowing the Horse not to think; thinking is deadly for the Horse.”

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