Nadiya Hussain’s arranged wedding was ‘worst day of her life’

Nadiya Hussain details time she baked a cake for the Queen

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Nadiya Hussain has candidly reflected on her marriage to husband Abdal Hussain after they married in 2005. In an unearthed interview, the Great British Bake Off winner, 37, admitted that her wedding day was the “worst day of her life”, as she opened up on her arranged marriage to her beau. It comes as Nadiya’s Everyday Baking airs tonight.

I was an emotional wreck

Nadiya Hussain

In an unearthed interview, the star frankly spoke about the day she walked down the aisle.

Nadiya admitted: “I have to say my wedding day was one of the worst days of my life.

“One of the unspoken rules is as a bride, you have to behave submissively and look downcast.”

The star went on to add: “I was an emotional wreck and I cried through the whole thing.”

Admitting she “didn’t smile very much” she explained: “You are literally on show and it’s something I was always really uncomfortable with,” she told The Mirror.

The star added that she “wouldn’t dream” of arranging a marriage for her children.

Nadiya married husband Abdal Hussain in an arranged ceremony in Bangladesh. in 2005.

In an unearthed interview told of a run in her sister had with her future beau, which left the on-screen star feeling “utterly horrified”.

Speaking about her second wedding to husband Abdal in 2018, Nadiya joked that he hadn’t changed physically.

Nadiya had only met her future husband once before their big day when she was in her late teens.

She said: “I actually quite like my husband now, so I will mean the vows. He still has a fat a**e, though.

“It was the first thing I noticed,” she revealed.

The star went on to say a family member was left “horrified” after bumping into him on the wedding day.

Admitting that she had seen pictures of her future beau, Nadiya explained that her sister caught more than a glimpse of him on their big day.

She said: “But my sister saw him on our wedding morning.

“My nephew ran into him and when she bent down to pick him up she had this big butt in her face.

“She ran upstairs to tell me. Utterly horrified.”

“The fat a**e remains to this day,” the baker added to The Mirror.

The couple share three children together, two sons and a daughter.

Nadiya’s Everyday Baking is airing on BBC 2 and BBC iPlayer this evening at 8.30pm.

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