Meghan Markle’s Secret Instagram Revealed: Check Out Her Wild Life Before Harry!

These days, Meghan Markle is one of the most famous women on the planet — a household name all over the world.

But it wasn't all that long ago that the Duchess of Sussex was an actress on a basic cable legal drama, eager to reach the next level of fame and influence.

Like just about every young media figure, Meghan had an Instagram account with a sizable following.

In keeping with royal standards of decorum, she deleted the page before her relationship with Prince Harry became public knowledge.

But nothing on the internet ever truly disappears, and some of Meg's most memorable posts have recently resurfaced.

Take a look:

[UPDATE: Meghan and Harry have been living in America for several months now. Has the Duchess returned to posting whatever she wants?. Scroll down to find out!]

1.Meg In Bed

2.Road Beers

3.A Sultry Selfie

4.Bed Again

5.Cheers to Meg

6.Good In Bed

7.The Dirty Mirror

8.Always a Bridesmaid

9.Up Close and Personal

10.With Patrick Adams

11.Racy on Set

12.Lens Flare

13.With Trevor Engelson

14.Meg On Set

15.Double Fisting

16.Exotic Sips

17.Berry Funny

18.Going to the Dogs

19.In Bed Again

20.Traveling With Friends

21.Meghan Has a Nosh

22.Behind the Scenes

23.Beagle Drama

24.The Hotel Life

25.Meg and a Mystery Man

26.UPDATE: A New Chapter

27.Blame Canada

28.A Quiet Christmas


30.Rocking the Boat

31.God Save the Queen

32.Doing the Work

33.UPDATE #2: Life After Royalty!

34.Meghan Gets Medical

35.Meghan In Africa

36.A Wale of a Time

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