Meghan Markle Accused of Being Rude to Royal Aides Over Flowers – See the Video

The Duchess of Sussex is called ‘classless’ and ’embarrassing’ after a video features the wife of Prince Harry refusing to give floral tributes to royal aides.

AceShowbizMeghan Markle was caught in an awkward moment when greeting mourners outside of Windsor Castle on Saturday, September 10. In a video of that circulated online, the Duchess of Sussex was seen refusing to give floral tributes to royal aides.

The clip was taken when Meghan joined husband Prince Harry, Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton to meet the crowd in the wake of the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8. The former “Suits” actress was holding a bouquet of flowers when a royal aide approached her to ask whether he could take the flowers off her hands.

Meghan, however, refused to give the flowers to the aide. The mom of two appeared to tell the aide that she would put them down herself before turning back to the crowd.

Shortly after, another aide walked up to take flowers that Harry got from the crowd and then reached for Meghan’s too. Meghan seemingly insisted to put the flowers herself. However, she eventually obliged and handed over the floral arrangement to the aide after the latter appeared to explain the situation.

The video sparked mixed responses from Internet users. “The big guns had to step in when Meghan refused to let go of the flowers the first aide tried to take from her as she herself wanted to walk them over to the other tributes,” one person commented.

Some others believed that Meghan’s resistance was for photo-op purposes. “She wanted it for the optics but it got squashed by people who know exactly what she’s trying to achieve,” another critic said, “I’m thinking so she gets the money shot when she places the flowers down with the other floral tributes.”

Similarly, another person added, “She probably wanted to be captured and filmed when she walks alone put flowers over there and put an action. Actually, if you think about it, she really is a narcissist, always trying to make everything about her in every occasion! Glad she was stopped!”

Someone even called Meghan “absolutely classless,” with another user writing, “Don’t know what it was about, but she certainly looks dismissive and rude.” Further dragging the royal, one person dubbed the whole situation a “bit embarrassing really.”

Some others, meanwhile, defended Meghan. “Can’t believe the Meghan bashing has started already, it’s the first time she’s experienced this and was doing her best she probably promised to lay the flowers down herself and that’s what she was going to do till told by Harry it’s alright to pass them over,” a user tweeted.

A second fan added, “She probably didn’t understand that the flowers are taken off them for safety purposes. After all there could be a small explosive device, nerve gas, a poisonous insect, any number of things, concealed in them.”

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