Matthew Morrison’s Grinch was sexy, and people have thoughts

— Entertainment Weekly (@EW) December 9, 2020

This has been a very unsettling week. In addition to the real-life woes happening everywhere, all the light-hearted ways people have tried to brighten our holiday moods have left us confused and afraid of our televisions. We’d just come to terms that KFC wants us to get hot and bothered for Colonel Sanders (but bafflingly cast Mario Lopez to do it), when we were forced to deal with this mess: a hornified Grinch. NBC’s aired Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch Musical!, this past Wednesday night. NBC’s been doing many of these live musical events to varied success, so it only makes sense they would tackle a holiday themed one. Since it was a musical, Glee fave, Matthew Morrison, was cast in the titular role. However, he chose to make the famous green crank his own by thrusting and moaning his way through Christmas. It left viewers both horrified and with many, many strange feelings.

During Wednesday’s Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch Musical!, viewers were treated to plenty of bright colors, joyous singing and, of course, festive holiday cheer. Matthew Morrison played the legendary Grinch, and while his performance had all the comedy and crankiness that fans have come to expect from the character, it also had a certain je ne sais quoi that left some viewers uncomfortable.

While Morrison’s Grinch was unique, many viewers complained on social media that it was also too sexual. Morrison did quite a bit of heavy breathing, moaning, and fourth-wall-breaking. Plus there was the occasional hip-thrust during his performance.

Even though there was a viewer who literally created a Twitter account to comment on how uncomfortable the performance made her, most people enjoyed it. “He’s actually doing a good job,” wrote one viewer. “I can’t tell if the Grinch is trying to be creepy or sexy but it’s an enjoyable ride.”

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YouTube has several pre-show behind the scene clips but no actual show clips up yet. The article has a pretty good video, you can see here. The best I can do are these clips off Twitter. I feel like I should give you some kind of warning here but, just – be careful:

— JATP Update (@jatpupdatefr) December 6, 2020

— Booboo Stewart Brasil (@BoobooSbr) December 10, 2020

— ⚒Jawn Bandicoot 4: Its About Time (@stabatme) December 10, 2020

There is a lot more groaning than we are accustomed to from The Grinch. I was going to apologize for not being able to embed any clips with his hip thrusts but maybe that’s actually my Christmas gift to you guys. In Matthew’s defense, what was he supposed to do when they give him a pompadour like that? That’s sex hair, everyone knows it. Matthew said that his performance was going to be based on Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. Did he see that movie? Regardless of what Matthew intended, we got a grinding, growling, whipping, strutting Grinch in a show aimed at the under 12 crowd. And people had a lot of thoughts about it:

— Tom Zohar (@TomZohar) December 10, 2020

Why does Matthew Morrison sound like he's on the verge of busting a nut with every line?

— thatonedrewguy (@TheDrewMusick) December 10, 2020

— Paul Lander (@paul_lander) December 10, 2020

— Jo(anna) Jackson (@harzlebee) December 10, 2020

— Stacys mom (@CharlotteTesla) December 10, 2020

The Yahoo article claimed most people enjoyed Matthew’s performance. I beg to differ. Although sure, there were those who liked it, many tweets called his performance a hate crime. Others asked to be notified when it was safe to come out of hiding. And the reviews, were not good.

So what have we learned? 1) The Grinch has been reimagined enough. 2) Nothing that is being marketed to families should ever be based off of Joaquin’s Joker. 3) the Grinch should never, ever remind me that there is a pocket of the internet in which we can find Grinch p0rn.

— mace⁷✜❍🎄 (@maceidelic) December 10, 2020

— Matthew Morrison (@Matt_Morrison) December 10, 2020

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