Matt Barnes Sides W/ Steve Kerr, Durant Is More Gifted Than Michael Jordan

Matt Barnes says Steve Kerr is absolutely right … telling TMZ Sports Kevin Durant is, in fact, “more gifted” than Michael Jordan!

“He didn’t say a better player,” Barnes told us out at LAX this week. “He just said more gifted.”

Kerr — who played with His Airness in the ’90s — told NBC Sports Bay Area this week Durant’s skill set is just flat-out better than Jordan’s was.

“He’s the most talented basketball player on earth,” Kerr said of Durant. “If not of all-time.”

Barnes definitely didn’t disagree with the Warriors headman when we asked about the comments … saying he respects Steve’s opinion.

“For someone who played with Michael Jordan and coached Kevin Durant, I definitely respect his point of view,” Barnes said.

The former Lakers star added, “And, if you think about it, K.D. is 7 foot and he can do everything your favorite point guard does.”

Speaking of guard skill sets, we also asked Barnes how he liked the shimmy move from Trae Young in the Hawks’ Game 1 win over the Bucks … and Matt told us he loves it — and wants more of it!

“If you don’t like it, you’ve got to stop it,” Barnes said. “Plain and simple. If you don’t like something, you’ve got to stop it. Until they stop it, keep shakin’ on ’em!”

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