Lucy Verasamy savages ‘grumpy’ viewers complaint – ‘Heat is getting to some people’

Lucy Verasamy stuns in a sparkly ensemble for weather forecast

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Lucy Verasamy, 42, took to Twitter today and gave her followers an update on the heatwave which has swept much of the UK. The ITV meteorologist shared a weather forecast map that showed parts of England had been issued with an extreme heat warning.

The ITV favourite, who boasts 172,000 followers, tweeted: “Another month. Another heatwave. Temperatures close to +35C for the 3RD time this summer & turning humid.”

Lucy followed up: “A lot of grumpy replies today. Maybe the heat is getting to some people.”

It comes after a slew of social media users took issue with Lucy using the weather graphic as they flocked to comment on her post.

Twitter user, @ChrisVEvans wrote: “Another month, another scaremongering map.”

Lucy replied: “The most overused word of the summer.”

@Londonabstract penned: “Making it redder in colour doesn’t make it dangerous.”

“I didn’t say it was. We’ve had the same colours on our map for years,” Lucy fired back.

@RudolphRucker commented: “Not in the 70’s. It was hot then and in 1990. Just saying.”

Lucy responded: “Huge sensitivity to weather graphics – but only this year. Graphics we’ve used for a decade.”

@Steveo28 said: “Just like 30 years ago when I was a kid exactly how I remember it…wait sorry it was just called summer back then.”

@Scott wrote: “Oh dear, what could it be… erm… oh yes, it’s called SUMMER.”

The ITV weather forecaster then followed up with another post as she warned of humid nights to follow.


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Lucy penned: “Hot & increasingly humid. Muggy, stuffy nights for some of us.”

Twitter user, @Geordie commented: “It’s only 34 [degrees]… it’s summer.”

The meteorologist replied: “I didn’t say otherwise. I mentioned humid & muggy as that can’t be shown on a map.”

Lucy’s post comes after an official drought was declared as low-water levels and dry conditions continue across the UK.

Eight parts of England, including Devon, Kent, East Anglia and Lincolnshire are affected.

Large swathes of England are bone-dry, with scenes of parched earth and grass turned yellow.

It comes as the prolonged dry weather – combined with the current heatwave and July’s record-breaking temperatures – have depleted rivers, reservoirs and aquifers.

The decision to declare a drought was taken after a meeting of the National Drought Group – made up of government and agency officials, water firms and groups including the National Farmers’ Union.

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