Laurence Fox turns down Celebrity Gogglebox amid mayoral campaign ‘People are so angry’

Laurence Fox: Half of UK 'afraid to say what they think'

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Former actor Laurence Fox has spoken exclusively to about his decision to focus on politics, rather than acting. Laurence, 42, is currently leading The Reclaim Party to attempt to become London’s next mayor.

I felt that people are so angry that you couldn’t be free, I think it’s fun

Laurence Fox

The dad-of-two turned his back on acting following a controversial appearance on Question Time in 2020, during which he dismissed claims that the media had been racist towards Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, as “boring”.

Leeds-born Laurence won the nation over during his appearance on Channel 4’s popular show, Celebrity Gogglebox with his cousin, Emilia Fox.

Viewers who tuned in witnessed various celebrities exchanging their views on the previous week’s television highlights.

However, while Laurence is campaigning to take the top seat in London’s City Hall, he said: “They [Gogglebox] did ask me to go back on again this year, I didn’t, I just wanted to take the heat out of it.

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“I felt that people are so angry that you couldn’t be free, I think it’s fun, different voices from all over, rather than one monochromatic voice.”

He went on to say: “You want someone to turn around and go, ‘you know this is my view, it’s something different. Am I entitled to it? Yeah’.

“The problem is, people don’t want to listen to your side of an argument and it makes you say, ‘well, if you’ve got such good arguments, surely it should stand up to some scrutiny.”

The White Lines star also claims that he has received private messages from people in showbusiness who have supported his views, yet have taken to their Twitter pages to brand him as a racist.

“It can’t be fun living a lie, a double life can it? When you come out as a sensible person with a brain, it’s almost slightly similar to coming out as gay or straight, it’s a whole new community that you’re involved in.

“I see them as closet sensible people and they haven’t yet come out of the closet and said, ‘I don’t think there’s seven thousand genders’. I feel for them, I feel liberated by being able to voice an opinion.”

Laurence claims that Meghan and Harry’s decision to not reveal the identity of the member of the Royal Family who had allegedly made comments surrounding their son, Archie-Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor’s race was “purely hypocritical”.

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“Pure hypocritical and wokery, Meghan’s move was to A)… almost two things, on the one hand, lots of people have that conversation, I’ve got seven mixed-race nephews and nieces, lots of people have that conversation.

“Even to the point, when I was married and we had children, my ex-wife [Billie Piper], I can’t remember what colour her eyes are but they’re a different colour to mine.

“We would have a conversation about this, to smear an entire institution with that charge, I don’t believe a word she says, I’m with Piers [Morgan], I think she’s trying to bring down the Monarchy.”

Currently, Laurence has vowed that should he be elected as London’s mayor next month, he will almost immediately end the current lockdown restrictions in the city.

Speaking of his policies, Mr Fox said: “It’s absolutely appalling that the government are even considering this [vaccine passports] idea, the problem is, one does start to feel like it’s an agenda.

“Why aren’t you returning our freedoms to us rather than trying to take yet more of our liberty away?”

The Reclaim Party leader has also been vocal about having police patrol the streets, rather than policing social media hate crimes.

“I get 300 hate crimes, one hour on my social media feed, I believe in freedom of speech that people need to be a bit tough with themselves and take these sort of anonymous coward-keyboard warriors from their grandmother’s basement and just take them out of the challenge and take them on.”

Laurence went on to say: “We need to make sure that police are on the streets, we need to make sure that every criminal knows that London is an extremely hostile place for them.”

While he may hope to become the next Mayor of the Capital, when speaking about ambitions to enter Number 10, Laurence added: “It’s a sorry state of affairs when a former actor has to stand up against a professional polished full-time politician to point out that they are totally unrepresentative of the people.

“I love this country, every single fibre of my being adores Britain and I’ll do everything I can, I’ve had 22 years of working, it’s time for a bit of public service, I think.”

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