Kody and Janelle Brown Put Feud Aside… To Welcome Grandchild!

In one sense, the future looks a little bleak for Kody and Janelle Brown.

As a romantic couple, that is.

In another sense, however, the future is bright and amazing and even totally miraculous for Kody and Janelle Brown…  because they just welcomed a grandchild together!

On Friday, August 30, Sister Wives fans learned that the pair’s daughter, Maddie, gave birth several days earlier to a little girl.

We know this because Janelle herself alerted followers on Instagram, posting the photo below and including with it a caption that reads as follows:

Axel loves his new little sister Evie (Short for Evangalynn)! Please tell me that other grandmothers can stare at their grandkids photos forever. #grandkids.

For those unaware:

Janelle is Kody’s second wife, with whom he has six kids.

By all accounts, it appears as if Janelle was present in North Carolina when her granddaughter arrived, although it’s unclear if the same can be said about Kody.

We somehow doubt he was there.

Lately, according to a wide variety of sources and outlets, there has been tension between Janelle, Kody and his other wives: Meri, Christine and Robyn.

There’s even been talk that Kody may be in the market for a fifth wife as a result.

As previously reported, Janelle spent Mother’s Day without Kody, seeming “very lonely,” a Radar Online insider said this past spring.

Then, on Father’s Day, Janelle left town to hang out with friends and family in Virginia, fueling even more chatter about this romance being on thin ice.

Of all Kody’s wives, Janelle has typically been the least likely to speak out and/or to stir up any sort of controversy — but she did make headlines just a few weeks ago.

In mid-August, Janelle shared a photo online of her grandson, Axel, giving us a look at the toddler playing in a splash pad and eating breakfast … and looking downright adorable.

Was this merely an example of a proud grandmother? Probably.

But some Sister Wives fans have read a lot into the picture, thinking Janelle may have released it as a way to hint that everything is totally fine between her and Kody.

See, she could have been saying, nothing to see here! I’m happy and content and drama-free!

Who the heck knows for certain, though, right?

Overall, Kody’s marriages almost all seem to be on the rocks.

Meri has been unhappy for years and even Robyn may be moving away from the family in Arizona.

As for Janelle? Yes, she has remained very quiet over the years.

In the family’s 2012 book Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of An Unconventional Marriage, though, Janelle discussed living with Kody.

“Our main problem was that we all lived under one roof, which never allowed me sufficient alone time with Kody,” she wrote back then. “Kody didn’t know how to behave as my husband in Meri’s house.”

She continued at that time:

“When we watched a movie together at night, Kody and Meri would sit together on the couch while I felt left out in the cold.

“So I learned to separate myself. I began to physically distance myself as much as I could in our very small three-bedroom mobile home.

“I didn’t spend much time in the common areas, instead setting up my bedroom as the living space.”

This whole set-up just seems so unhealthy for all the women involved.

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