Kim Zolciak Mom-Shamed For Letting Daughter, 5, Ride Scooter With Her Pants Pulled Down — Pic

Kim Zolciak is getting mom shamed — again. This time she overshared on IG, posting a photo of her five-year-old daughter on her scooter with her pants falling off and fans are telling her to keep that private!

Sometimes there are things that a person might find really cute or funny, but should probably be kept private. Like Kim Zolciak‘s five-year-old daughter Kaia Biermann‘s bare behind. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared a photo on Dec. 26 of Kaia on her new scooter she got for Christmas and not only are the girl’s pants falling off, she isn’t wearing any underwear. Kim did blur out her daughter’s butt crack in the photo but many fans are mom shaming her and telling her the pic is in bad taste.

“Well…@kaiabiermann is out here enjoying her new skooter! 🙈🙈 😂😂 #LIVINGHERBESTLIFE,” Kim captioned the pic of Kaia from behind on her scooter with her pants coming off. “Why does she not have underwear on??” one fan asked while another commented “She wouldn’t post this if it was one of her boys. Poor Kaia!!” Many folks reminded Kim that  her daughter might not appreciate the world seeing her behind when she grows up. “Lmao she’s going to be so embarrassed one day,” one fan commented and another lamented, “The Internet is forever…she will be embarrassed when she’s older. Super sad.”

One person told Kim, “You’re one sick women. You need physiological help.”  Another added “This is really inappropriate for a 5-year-old. Do you know how many perverts are on Instagram just searching for pics like these. What’s wrong with you? You need to delete this.” A number of others thought Kim staged the shot with one writing “So your gonna tell me her pants just fell down with no underpants…and boys around.”

Not everyone shamed Kim for sharing the pic. One fan wrote “That’s too funny!!! Gotta love kids,” and another pointed out “Omg people, it’s blurred out! Some people don’t wear underwear with pjs. Get over it.” The mother of six is no stranger to getting mom shamed. People piled on her when she posted a photo of six-year-old son Kash — who looks big enough to be 12 — in a booster car seat that was way too small for him. She’s also been taken to task for calling her kids her “best friends,” with fans reminding her she’s the parent and needs to act that way.

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