Kendall Jenner Spent a Ton of Money With Postmates!

We all use Postmates, but maybe just not as much as Kendall Jenner does…

In a new post from the company’s blog, The Receipt, they revealed that the 23-year-old model has spent over $10,000 on items throughout the world using their app.

“Since 2015, Kendall has placed orders in 14 different cities with 95 businesses. Her smallest order was a $4.56 bottle of nail polish remover from CVS Pharmacy, and the largest was a $588.77 order from Matsuhisa,” the blog writes.

That’s a TON of sushi!

Kendall‘s other fave cuisines were Thai, Chinese, Mexican and Italian.

The grand total of orders? Kendall has placed 153 orders and ordered a grand total of 433 items.

Kendall‘s sis, Kylie, also spends a lot of money through Postmates, too.
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