Katt Williams Stops Comedy Show After Someone Passes Out, Cites Astroworld

Katt Williams didn’t want to take any chances Saturday night when someone passed out in the crowd … unlike what happened at Astroworld — but almost certainly because of it, Katt stopped the show.

Someone in the crowd lost consciousness and someone screamed, “Stop the show!” Katt heeded the advice and took a 10-minute break while medics rushed in to tend to the audience member.

Katt stayed on stage at the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, Kentucky, pacing around and talking to the crowd, but he clearly didn’t want to jump right back into his set until medical matters were handled.

You hear Katt tell the audience, “I’m sorry if I won’t move on but that Astroworld s*** I mean we can’t never continue til we know somebody motherf***ing good … I’m not goin’ to be leaving with that on my conscious … just take five minutes … thank you, sir … I hope she’s just having a baby. That’s all.”

It’s unclear what happened to the man who lost consciousness. He was taken out of the auditorium and Katt said, “We made the right decision,” adding, “Alright, come back from a commercial break.” He continued on with his set.

Astroworld and Travis Scott are getting slammed for continuing the show for 40 minutes after a stampede that left 8 people dead and hundreds injured. As we reported, authorities are investigating whether someone may have injected fans with some sort of drug that could have triggered cardiac arrest.

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