Katie Price mocks Naughty Boy’s reaction to failing trial on ITV’s I’m A Celeb

Katie Price poked fun at Naughty Boy following Tuesday night's episode of I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! before going on to admit she felt sorry for him.

The music producer has openly struggled during his time on the ITV series so far and even threatened to quit the show after feeling betrayed by the Main Camp.

And taking to her Instagram page, former glamour model Katie couldn't resist mimicking the 36 year old DJ's reaction after losing a trial to Snoochie Shy.

"I mean, I tried my best. I mean, I tried my best. I tried my best," Katie attempted to impersonate him before turning to her fiance Carl Woods and asking: "Do you get it?"

Carl joked: "Did you try your best?" to which she joked: "I tried my best."

Katie then admitted that she found Naughty Boy, real name Shahid Khan, "quite cute actually" and noted that he was "kidified" as he required assistance in the camp.

"I think he's over analysing. I think he just needs to relax. It's a team effort. No one is going to hate anyone for anything," Katie explained.

Mum of five Katie also admitted that she "felt really sorry for him" as Snoochie appeared to make a dig at him.

Katie said: I think he's taken it really to heart. I just want to give him a hug and say, 'it's alright mate, just relax. It's just a TV show."

She once again added: "Oh my gosh, that Naughty Boy, I feel really bad for him.

Later, she praised Naughty Boy for trying his best during the trial and also urged him not to quit the show.

Naughty Boy has been living in the Clink since arriving the first night and previously expressed he felt "traumatised" by his experience.

After he told his fellow campmates he wanted to leave following a betrayal by the Main Camp, some viewers didn't take too kindly to his needs and made it known on social media.

However, a family member was quick to defend him on Twitter as they re-shared another person's tweet around the stigma of mental health around men.

This! If only everyone knew what he's battling on the outside world," they tweeted from Naughty Boy's official Twitter account.

"His mum (my nan) is battling dementia and he has been taking care of her for the last 5 years. This is the first time he has left her to do something life-changing! He is just overwhelmed and he will be fine."

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