Kane Brown Teases New Song ‘Nothing ‘Bout Loving You I’d Change’

Kane Brown took to Instagram last Wednesday (January 6) to provide a glimpse of his upcoming new song, “Nothing ‘Bout Loving You I’d Change.”

“Nothing bout loving you I’d change,” Brown captioned his post, alongside a clip of a song. He also urged his fans, writing, “blow this up I”ll preview another one tomorrow. We ready for 2021.”

The short teaser shows Brown singing “Now it’s champagne kissing while I spin you ’round the kitchen / It’s as good as good is getting kind of thing,” in chorus and dancing along with his lover around the kitchen. “Now it’s Sunday morning tangled up / Under covers making love / In rhythm with the tin roof rain / There ain’t nothing, nothing, nothing ’bout loving you I’d change.”

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