Joey Graceffa Says He’s ‘Deeply Sorry’ Laughing at Shane Dawson’s Racist Jokes

Joey Graceffa is addressing a recently resurfaced video of he and Shane Dawson.

Joey, 29, took to his Twitter on Saturday (August 15) to release a statement regarding the clip where he laughed at racist jokes that Shane, 32, made.

“I want to address a clip that has recently resurfaced from a 2013 collaboration video for Shane Dawson’s channel that was deleted many years ago,” Joey wrote. “The video being circulated was from a makeup challenge where I ignorantly chose an improper shade of foundation – which led to Shane making some racists jokes. Although these ‘jokes’ made me uncomfortable, I was also complicit and at the time I was too intimidated to call out these offensive remarks.”

Joey continued: “Looking back, I am so disappointed and embarrassed in my own ignorance and cowardice. I take full responsibility for my mistakes, and for not putting a stop to what was happening right then and there. I am deeply sorry to those who were offended and disappointed by my participation in the video. I am too. While it was taken down many years ago, this still serves as a lesson that these issues should never be taken lightly – no matter what age you are.”

Shane has been coming under fire a lot lately, including trying to bring down James Charles in a grand scheme and sexualizing Willow Smith.

“I know I have lost trust with many of you,” Joey concluded. “Although I am not owed anything, I ask you all for the opportunity to earn your forgiveness as I have grown so much since then. I hope to regain your trust moving forward by continuing to use my platform to advocate against injustice, while educating myself along the way. Love, Joey.”

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