Jill Scott To Star As Mahalia Jackson In Upcoming Biopic

Grammy-winning singer and actress Jill Scott will play the role of Mahalia Jackson in an upcoming biopic about the queen of gospel, titled Mahalia!.

Richard Hocutt, Mark Gould and Tricia Woodgett are the scriptwriters of the film, which is based on Darlene Donloe‘s novel, “Mahalia Jackson”.

Jamie Foxx, Queen Latifah, her longtime partner Shakim Compere, and The Clark SistersHolly Carter will be the Executive Producers.

Speaking about the new project, Queen Latifah said, “This is such an incredibly important story to tell and we’re thrilled to work with Jamie on the project. Shakim and I are also looking forward to reteaming with our Clark Sisters producing partner, Holly Carter, to share Mahalia’s inspiring journey to becoming the Queen of Gospel music.”

Carter said he is beyond grateful to be able to partner with Latifah and Shakim again and equally excited that Jamie has joined the team.

A great gospel singer who captivated audiences around the world, Jackson played a major role in raising gospel music into mainstream.

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