Jerry Seinfeld Wishes His Followers A Happy Festivus

The comedian shared his favorite lines from the episodes with his followers today.

Seinfeld fans are celebrating Festivus today, and the great Jerry Seinfeld is wishing them well on this most joyous occasion on Instagram. The holiday of Festivus debuted in Season 9, Episode 10 of Seinfeld and easily became one of the most iconic episodes ever. George Costanza’s father, Frank Costanza, created an alternative holiday to go against all normal traditions, and no one could have guessed it would become the phenomena it is today.

Festivus is celebrated on December 23. Instead of a Christmas tree, or menorah, the symbol of Festivus is an aluminum pole. On the holiday, followers air their grievances to the people in their life, detailing how they have been disappointed by them all year. Festivus wraps up with the “Feats of Strength,” where you wrestle those you have had an issue with.

While normally the cast of Seinfeld stays silent on December 23 each year, Jerry decided to speak up this year and remember what made such a great episode. In a new Instagram post, Jerry shared a snap of a large Festivus display which chronicle’s Frank’s speech about the holiday in the episode.

Jerry commented on how much he loved the speech Frank (Jerry Stiller) delivered in the episode and thanked writer Dan O’Keefe for bringing the story to life. The comedian also recalled his favorite lines from the episode, before wishing all of his followers a “Happy Festivus!”

“I love this Festivus display our great friends at Sony in Culver City have set up. What I love most about Festivus is the great speech we wrote for Jerry Stiller telling the story and they’ve done a beautiful job laying it out graphically. I still remember quite well how we wrote it. Like any good piece of comedy there is not one wasted word and a lot of story is compressed into just a few sentences. My favorites are: “I went to buy a doll for my son” and “As I rained blows upon him.” So informative of the strange relationship George and his Father seemed to have. Affectionate yet explosive at any moment. Anyway, love that even in 2018, “Festivus rolls on..” Thanks to Dan O’Keefe and Happy Festivus everybody!”

Festivus has become so popular that each year, Seinfeld fans take to Twitter to air their grievances and celebrate the holiday with one another. This afternoon, Festivus was the number two trending topic in the United States on Twitter, just behind “Happy Christmas Eve Eve” which is a line from a popular Friends episode.

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