Jennifer Lopez on Super Bowl Halftime Show: 'I can't say I wouldn't love it'

‘Hustlers’ star Jennifer Lopez admits she was scared to dance nearly naked for ‘300 extras hooting and hollering’

Bumps and bruises don’t scare ‘Hustlers’ star Jennifer Lopez. But dancing nearly naked for ‘300 extras hooting and hollering’ did.

Amid rumors she might headline the Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show, Jennifer Lopez says the idea sounds great…"in theory."

Lopez, 50, said starring in the famed annual performance is "something we've talked about for many years, and, you know, it would be nice. It would be nice. I can't say I wouldn't love it."

“I don’t know,” the "Hustlers" star said on "Live with Kelly and Ryan" Wednesday. “I know everybody’s asking me. They’re starting to think that I’m telling people things. I don’t know anything yet!”

The triple threat seemingly joked when host Kelly Ripa said she feels the Super Bowl — scheduled for Feb. 2, 2020, in Miami, Fla. — "is really just something that happens around the concert."

"Yeah, really," Lopez responded. "I think most of the girls feel that way."

Lopez similarly told NBC's Hoda Kotb on her SiriusXM show Tuesday she doesn't know whether she's performing for the LIV Halftime Show.

A source told Entertainment Tonight that "J. Lo" and the NFL "have been in talks for a while, but there are many factors that go into the deal before it’s official."

"Jennifer has been saying for a while she wants to perform at the halftime show and it looks like her dream may come true," the insider said. "Jennifer has had an incredible career that spans over decades and this platform would give her the biggest stage ever to showcase it. Jennifer has already worked with the NFL this year promoting the season, so things are looking good.”

“We had this conversation, you can't go to a city, plop a show down and then leave. Like, at least speak to the community. Speak to the guys that's on the ground organizing things and trying to make things better, in that sort of way," he said. “Tampa's next [in 2021]. I love Tampa, but I have no idea who's from there, who would perform."

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