Jay Leno Heads Back to Garage 10 Days After Car Fire Accident

jay leno burn marks

Jay Leno can’t stop, won’t stop — unbelievably, he’s back on the open road less than 2 weeks after he was severely burned in a car fire, and his first stop … the same garage where it happened.

Tuesday, the comedian drove himself — still visibly scarred on his face and hand — to his Burbank garage where he keeps most of his famous car collection.

He briefly chatted with photogs as he pulled in at the gate … tellin’ them he’ll back onstage telling jokes as soon as this weekend.

He also jokes around about a much-needed BBQ. Too soon, Jay!!!

As you know, Leno was working on a vintage car that had a clogged fuel line when he got sprayed with gasoline, which then ignited and set him on fire. Luckily, his friend was there at the time to extinguish the flames, and save Jay’s life.

jay leno

Jay was released from the Grossman Burn Center Monday, where he underwent 9 days of treatment. He seemed to be in great spirits in photos alongside the staff … and this new video confirms he’s continuing an amazing recovery.

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