Inside ‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Jenelle Evans’ Tumultuous Relationship History

Not such a la-dee-da time. Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has gone through many ups and downs over the years, both personally and with those whom she has dated.

Viewers were first introduced to the North Carolina native during the season 2 premiere episode of 16 and Pregnant, which aired on MTV in February 2010, and have since watched as she battled drug addiction, mental illness and more. Evans is now a mom of three children — Jace, Kaiser and Ensley — and decided to get her tubes tied in April 2019.

“I decided to get this procedure because I had a really bad problem of irregular bleeding, which led to ultrasounds then led to my OBGYN suggesting exploration surgery and tubes being tied,” she told Us Weekly exclusively days after undergoing the procedure. “She told me my IUD made my lining very thin, which isn’t good.”

Evans, whose husband David Eason was by her side through the operation, also explained that she got “very sick” during her three pregnancies and decided she did not want to have any more children. She noted, “I knew I was happy with the number of kids I have now.”

While the MTV star married Eason in September 2017, it took her several tumultuous years to settle down. She revealed in her July 2017 memoir, Read Between the Lines, that she was “addicted to sex” when she was a teenager. “I didn’t care who it was with, or if it was unprotected,” she noted.

Evans shared that her mentality toward intimacy only changed when she “got pregnant at 17.” She later changed her tune, however, and told Radar Online Opens a New Window. that she was actually “addicted to love,” not sex.

“I would do anything to keep a guy with me, so I used sex as a manipulative tool,” she said at the time. “I gave them what they wanted to get them to stay with me. I wasn’t a sex addict so much as a love junkie.”

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Andrew Lewis

Evans got pregnant with her then-boyfriend’s baby when she was just 16 years old. The MTV star gave birth to Jace in August 2009, and while Lewis promised to help raise his son, the former model has been absent for much of the little boy’s life. During a January 2019 episode of Teen Mom 2, it was revealed that Lewis was trying to get in contact with Evans because he wanted to see Jace. “I think about him every day,” Lewis told Evans’ mother, Barbara, who now has custody of her grandson. “I missed out his first day of school, I missed out all the good things. Is he smart? Is he intelligent? Is he having issues?”

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Kieffer Delp

Delp and Evans were in an on-again, off-again relationship from 2010 to 2012. The pair met at a beach party in their home state of North Carolina and started dating shortly after. Their rocky romance was showcased on the first four seasons of Teen Mom 2, including when they were arrested for breaking and entering and drug possession in October 2010. The former couple split in 2011, but briefly rekindled their romance the following year. The 16 and Pregnant alum confirmed in September 2012 that they had called it quits for good. More than five years later, Delp was arrested for allegedly running a meth lab. That August, he accepted plea deal that required him to serve 18 to 36 months in a state correctional institution.

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Gary Head

Head and Evans were first linked in December 2011 and the pair got engaged in May 2012. However, she called off the engagement just two weeks later. A source told Us Weekly at the time: “He hooked up with a girl while they were on a break and she just found out and flipped out.” The pair were still in contact after their split and they were both arrested that June after they got into a physic altercation at her North Carolina home.

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Courtland Rogers

Rogers and Evans were friends for years before they got engaged in November 2012, two months after they started dating. Their fast-pasted relationship continued as they tied the knot in a courthouse ceremony that December, only to break up in January. The pair briefly reunited and were arrested in April 2013 for heroin possession and assault. Us confirmed that May that Evans had filed for divorce from her then-husband. The divorce was not finalized until June 2014, due to a North Carolina law that requires a year-long legal separation.

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Nathan Griffith

Evans met Griffith on Tinder in June 2013 and she found out she was pregnant with his baby just months later. The pair welcomed son Kaiser in June 2014 and got engaged while on vacation in St. Thomas in January 2015. “I was completely shocked,” Evans told MTV of the proposal. Their relationship spiraled downhill when Griffith was arrested for domestic violence that April after he allegedly pinned her “against a toilet and forcibly removed an engagement ring from her finger.” They briefly split after the altercation, but Evans exclusively revealed to Us in June 2015 that she and her then-fiancé were back together. Their reunion did not last long, however, and the duo split for good two months later.

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